• IAEE Launches Unprecedented PR Campaign

    IAEE Launches Unprecedented PR Campaign Focusing on Value of Face to Face 

    October 12, 2011

    The International Association of Exhibitions & Events wants the world to know that face-to-face meetings and events are vital and plans to launch a public relations campaign to spread that message far and wide.

    As part of that effort, IAEE has selected Edelman Public Relations “as its partner and agency of record to implement this key strategic initiative to communicate the good work and positive impact exhibitions and events deliver to local communities,” according to IAEE officials.

    “There has never been a better time to tell the industry’s story,” said IAEE Public Relations Task Force Chair Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes. “We are excited about the unanimous decision to partner with Edelman for IAEE’s first, widespread public relations campaign.”

    She added, “Since this is the largest strategic initiative identified by the Board of Directors, a major fundraising effort has allowed us to retain one of the best agencies in the business. Together, we will diligently work to tell our story in the general business marketplace, and I am confident the results will make members proud.”

    The three-year PR campaign officially will launch at IAEE’s Expo! Expo! Annual Meeting, which is on tap Dec. 6-8 in Las Vegas.

    “The exhibition industry remains the most resilient business to business marketing and communications channel despite the challenges brought about by the most serious recession in the nation’s history,” said IAEE Chairman Vinnie Polito. “The exhibition remains the preeminent choice of corporate marketing executives, and we have a unique opportunity to build upon this strength and to further reinforce the fact that exhibitions can do more to advance corporate objectives than any other medium.”

    He added, “Since this is the most important industry-wide initiative during by term, I am extraordinarily pleased that the Public Relations Task Force has selected Edelman to tell our story to make a positive and enduring impact in the global marketplace.”

    Here are some of the key objectives of IAEE’s PR campaign:

    • leverage strengths of face-to-face opportunities
    • promote the ongoing relevance of events
    • increase the favorable impression of events
    • compile real stories about the power and uniqueness of trade shows
    • differentiate trade shows from other forms of engagement
    • craft a succinct, compelling and relevant message
    • leverage new media and digital opportunities to expand reach and build online buzz

    The PR campaign was made possible through the efforts of the IAEE Public Relations Task Force Fundraising Committee’s fundraising efforts.

    Organizations and events industry-wide will be asked to support IAEE’s unifying message, “face to face is vital.” The PR campaign will continue through December 2014.

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