• #HeresWhy: The Genuine Industry

    By: Terence Donnelly

    Originally published on www.terencedonnelly.com 

    I am privileged to interact with many professionals from various industries. I have actually “seen it all” through being in this industry for over 30 years.. And this helps me with my next statement. The meetings industry is the most genuine industry that I have ever been associated with. OK, stop freaking out! I am not saying that other industries are dishonest or ingenuine. However, I can honestly say that “per capita” within our industry, we are more genuine and honest than others. Why? Because if you are NOT, you will be sniffed out and not last. Dishonest folks do not last in our industry.

    Personally, I am involved in the trade show industry. What I love about trade shows is that they enhance the traditional ‘markets’ that most folks are familiar with. When it comes down to transacting commerce, it does not get any better than face to face. Woot!

    I recently shared my thoughts with PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association) relating trends in trade shows. Click here for that article.

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    #HeresWhy at Expo! Expo!

    By: The Exhibitions Mean Business Team

    Last week, professionals from around the world gathered in Baltimore at Expo! Expo! to talk exhibitions industry trends, to share event management and other marketing tactics, and to take a much-deserved moment to celebrate the world of exhibitions and events. Expo! Expo! 2015 is also where our campaign’s #hereswhy initiative had its official coming out party.

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