• #HeresWhy I Love the Events and Trade Show Industry

    By: Paige Cardwell, President of CSG Creative

    I will never forget my first trade show.

    After 2 years doing my dream job as a buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue, I found myself in a love-hate relationship with New York City and moved to a town that met my new criteria: A suburban lifestyle in a metropolitan area.  Hello, DC!

    The good news: I was able to transfer with Saks from NYC to their Chevy Chase store.  The bad news: the only chance for advancement was if someone retired (or um, became eligible for an obituary?) Before this pulled me over to the dark side, I took notice of the chatter from part-time employees about their fun “day jobs” doing meeting planning and trade shows, and working for associations. Heck, I planned all of the social outings for my friends and myself, surely I could plan a meeting!

    Little did I know…

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