• #HeresWhy Exhibitions Mean Business for CNTV

    by: Carrie Ferenac, President and Owner of CNTV

    I’ll never forget that first tradeshow. It was IAEE’s Expo Expo 2008 in Miami Beach. We were exhibiting there based on advice from our VP of Sales, Bill Peeper. Bill ran the Orlando CVB for decades and knows everyone in the industry. I was new and frankly, a bit clueless. Bill took me on a tour of the show floor that lasted two hours. Everyone knew him, and wanted to say hi. Vendors, show organizers, hoteliers stopped us, I was walking the floor with a rock star. He explained to me who was buying, and who was selling. He explained the relationship between planner and supplier, and he gave me inside scoop on several people! I had no idea I would become entrenched in this industry, or that I would meet our first, and longest running client.

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  • #HeresWhy Hargrove Supports Exhibitions Day

    by: Dan Cole, Senior Vice President, Trade Shows and Exhibits for Hargrove, Inc.

    It would seem only natural that those front and center to the trade show and events industry:  Show producers and organizers would play the sole role of advocating on behalf of the industry on Capitol Hill.  This assertion is natural.  However, what about those that comprise the “behind the scenes” activities also vital to the success of events?

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