• #HeresWhy I Wish I Had Known

    by: Carrie Ferenac, President and Owner of CNTV

    In my first life, I worked in television news.  I spent more than a decade as a manager at WESH-TV, the NBC affiliate in Orlando.   Day after day, I led the morning meeting where we decided which stories to cover in the 19th largest market in the United States.

    I had influence over multiple newscasts a day for a decade, and only remember a handful of stories about the convention industry.  I knew there were conventions going on, and I knew tourism was important, but I had no idea just how vital the exhibitions industry was to our community.

    I now own a business in the exhibitions industry, and I’m an active member of the IAEE Advocacy Committee.    I am passionate about exhibitions and events, and find myself on the other side of things, pitching stories that I hope television stations will air.   If I were back at WESH, leading that newsroom, I would encourage our reporters to do stories about the business being done inside the convention center.

    • Stories about the new medical products being launched at ASH that are curing blood disorders;
    • Stories about the net-zero zone at Greenbuild where companies are learning how to conserve energy;
    • Stories about the new family-owned business being launch at ICAST that will employee dozens of people;
    • Stories about the housekeeper who can keep her job and feed her family because the hotel is full;
    • Stories about new technology being deployed to protect homes and business at ASIS;
    • Stories about organizations like Clean the World that recycle soap from hotels to send to children in need;
    • Stories about how the exhibitions industry impacts our lives, and our community every day.

    Now, it’s my turn to spread the word.   These stories impact real people in very tangible ways.  I just wish I had known about them when I had the chance to tell millions of viewers every day.  I wish I had known then what I know now: that exhibitions mean business.

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