In our next installment of our #HeresWhy industry Q&A sessions, we interviewed Samantha Spitzner, Meetings Coordinator for the Society of Biblical Literature and 2017 IAEE 20 Under 30 recipient:

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  • ExpoChat – #ExhibitionsDay 2015 and The Importance of Advocacy

    “If we expect change, we must do something to affect change.” Those were the words of Megan Tanel, Vice President of Exhibitions & Events for AEM and Chairperson of IAEE, as she discussed the importance of advocacy in the exhibitions and events industry.

    The exhibitions and events industry is a critical economic driver, both locally and globally, generating revenue for local businesses, creating employment opportunities and driving business connections and sales for people every year. As members of the exhibitions and events industry, we are aware of the value our industry provides, but it is now time to extend that awareness to our Members of Congress and the general public they represent.

    On June 9, 2015, members of the exhibitions and events industry will meet with Congressional leaders on Capitol Hill to discuss the most important issues affecting our industry. As valued members of this industry, we want to hear from you about the legislative and regulatory issues that have an impact on your ability to do business. Together we can include your concerns in our conversations and show legislators the vast amount of industries that are directly impacted by exhibitions and events across the United States.

    Follow the hashtag #ExpoChat on Twitter today starting at 2 p.m. CST and take part in the discussion with us!


    Q1. Has your organization/company been impacted by government legislation/regulation of exhibitions and events in any way?

    Q2. How can we, as an industry, do better to promote the economic value of exhibitions and events?

    Q3. What are some examples of efforts you have taken to promote the value of the exhibitions and events industry?

    Q4. June 9th is #ExhibitionsDay. What is the one thing you would like members of Congress to know about our industry?

    Q5. What pieces of legislation are you most concerned will have a negative impact on your company/organization?

    Q6. Are you familiar with the JOLT Act and how it can help the exhibitions industry?

    Q7. Are you familiar with the Travel Promotion Authority and how it supports the exhibitions industry?

    Q8. Are you familiar with Open Skies and how it helps promote business and leisure travel?

    Q9. Do government agencies or employees represent an important audience for your events?

    Q10. If you cannot attend #ExhibitionsDay, what are some ways you can participate and advocate for our industry?


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