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Exhibitions Day 2015

The second annual Exhibitions Day was held on June 9 in Washington, D.C., where attendees met face-to-face with Congressional leaders and discussed the key issues threatening the industry’s $71.3 billion contribution to the U.S. GDP. Exhibitions Day 2015 featured 112 attendees from 19 states that participated in nearly 100 meetings with policy influencers and members of Congress. These attendees communicated the business and economic power of exhibitions and events and informed Congressional leaders of the specific pieces of legislation that are directly impacting the industry’s ability to conduct business including the JOLT Act, Open Skies Agreements and Trade Promotion Authority.

Participation in Exhibitions Day reached far beyond the nation’s capital, as more than 350 social media influencers posted about the event from 29 states and 18 countries, reaching nearly 4 million people across the globe. Additionally, Exhibitions Day received support coast-to-coast at local convention centers and visitor bureaus in more than 30 cities on the days leading up to and during the event, demonstrating the industry’s impact on international, national and local economies.

Below are some documents and photos from Capitol Hill during Exhibitions Day 2015. If you would like to contribute photos to this page, please email them to

Exhibitions Day 2015 Photos:


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