Go Pro

“GoPro has blown up in the production world as a result of our presence at the NAB show and other events. Being in front of such a captive audience and having the opportunity to engage them with our product has been tremendous for our company's growth!” - Justin Wilkenfeld, Director of Sports Marketing, GoPro


In 2009, Sal Pellingra met Vapur at PACK EXPO. Vapur’s was a very young startup and the founders had piled into a car and drove to PACK EXPO to find collaborators to help them create a reusable water bottle. They met Sal with AMPAC and the two partnered to make the unique water bottle design a reality. Its various features (pouch form, cap, spout, carabineer attachment) were all produced through partnerships with co-suppliers also found at the show. By 2010, AMPAC had sold a million Vapur water bottles. “This show does have a direct impact on our revenue. It is the largest cost-wise marketing event we do in the year. When we get one success, like with Vapur, it more than makes up for it.” - Sal Pellingra, Director of Innovation for AMPAC

NAB Show

“Shows like the NAB Show provide a great opportunity to get in front of key customers, partners and the press, allowing Grass Valley the opportunity to showcase the integration of products into larger solutions — something that is hard to do anywhere else except a major show. This is also one of the best opportunities where our product and systems experts can speak with customers and partners and answer their questions on the spot.” - Grass Valley, Jeff Rosica, Executive Vice President

Monster Cable

“Thousands of CE professionals pack the house each year and we are proud of our showing at each trade show. Companies will always need to present themselves in the best possible light to potential customers, media and retail partners. Exhibitions and events like CES are the best, most efficient and impactful way to do this.” - Noel Lee, Founder, Monster Cable

NAB Show

"NAB Show is mandatory for any professional or company working in radio or television production. It’s the only show in our industry that can offer a wide combination of global interaction, education and ground-breaking production technology under one roof. The professional development and international outreach with customers and colleagues can't be beat!" - Mark Fisher, Marketing Director, Marshall Electronics

NAB Show

“NAB Show provides NewTek an excellent opportunity to showcase our innovative products and is an ideal setting to collaborate with prospective buyers and press we would otherwise not have had the chance to meet. NewTek continues to be thoroughly satisfied that our participation succeeds in raising our profile and building awareness of the NewTek brand.” - Steven Paulsen, Corporate Events Manager, NewTek